Amazing websites customised for your personal needs.

Writing code is like writing poetry

Hi there, looking for a new website? You came to the right place!
I’m Tal Gerafi a freelance WordPress developer specializing in Responsive design, HTML5, CSS3 and WordPress development.

My websites are customized for my clients needs and that’s why I invest my energy in making sure your site looks and works perfect – from the design and UX to the code and development.


Yotpo yotpo.com
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JellyButton jellybtn.com
jellybutton screenshot thumbnail
Connecteam connecteam.com
connecteam screenshot thumbnail
Upsolver upsolver.com
Shefita shefita.com
Gong gong.io
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Personalics personalics.com
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Techsee techsee.me
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Continuity Software continuitysoftware.com
continuity software screenshot thumbnail
AdNgin adngin.com
adngin screenshot thumbnail
Yael Grossman halbanathon.co.il


Have any projects coming up? Contact me using the form below or email me at tal@talgerafi.co.il and i'll get back to you.